Suffer Definition And Which Means

Suffer Definition And Which Means

Apparently, the abbey had suffered from the lack of seasonal pastures, a recurring however disastrous phenomenon. My ideas go specifically to nearby Coventry, which suffered such heavy bombardment and large loss of life in November 1940. Middle English from Anglo-Norman French suffrir, from Latin sufferre, from sub- ‘from below’ + ferre ‘to bear’. This is the British English definition of endure.View American English definition of endure. Definition and synonyms of endure from the web English dictionary from Macmillan Education.

Another region struggling the after-effects of a tropical storm was Nepal. The troubled profession of Well Chief has suffered one more setback. And it was love that had made her so, the love of another who suffered for her. Both her mother and father have already suffered from most cancers and friends have launched an enchantment to raise cash for massive medical bills. As lengthy as some measurable harm had been suffered the reason for action would accrue. He had been affected by most cancers and is survived by two daughters.

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Not suited by simple ground and likely to undergo more rain pain. It is apparent that poor folks will undergo most from this change of coronary heart. Romania suffered another setback in its efforts to obtain financial assist for its reforms. DisclaimerAll content material on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference information is for informational functions only. She does not suffer fools gladly and, in her view, most individuals are fools. If you don’t like somebody in any respect, you don’t say that you just ‘can’t undergo’ them.


It is hardly stunning that pension funds, insurers and endowments are looking for new sources of return. To feel ache.At least he didn’t endure when he died within the car crash. But he claims he used them only to numb the pain attributable to accidents suffered while performing and at house. He additionally suffered continuous again ache from an harm in his youth.

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